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In the meantime, here are pointers to previous blog posts Eleanor Rieffel wrote related to quantum computing.

What made you (continue to) want to write a book?
September 2nd, 2011. Reaction to Constantin Chassapis's review of our book in Computing Reviews.

A Gentle Introduction
April 27th, 2011. A description of how our book got its cover.

Recent Progress in Quantum Algorithms
February 4th, 2010. Brief discussion of Dave Bacon and Wim van Dam survey Recent Progress in Quantum Algorithms.

How to compute without knowing anything
February 3rd, 2010. Discussion of Craig Gentry’s fully homomorphic encryption scheme.

Which 2009 research results excited you the most?
January 1st, 2010. Discussion of Gross, Flammia and Eisert “Most Quantum States Are Too Entangled To Be Useful As Computational Resources” and Bremner, Mora, and Winter, “Are Random Pure States Useful for Quantum Computation?”

Quantum inspired classical results
December 31st, 2009. Drucker and deWolf have written a survey, “Quantum Proofs for Classical Theorems,” and this blog post and its comments give some additional examples.

Quantum Computing for Technology Managers
December 30th, 2009. Brief discussion of Eleanor Rieffel's “An Overview of Quantum Computing for Technology Managers.”

Eleanor Rieffel's ten most recent blog posts. (Not all quantum computing related.)